How we clean your windowsSparkle Plenty Window Cleaning can clean even hard to reach windows



Many clients have asked us how our window cleaning keeps their windows so incredibly clean and crystal clear. When the job permits, we use a water-fed pole with specially treated di-ionized water to do the outside window cleaning, leaving them to dry spotlessly. Otherwise, we use the following process. You will see that we have spared to effort to give you very thorough full service window cleaning.

  • We carefully hand clean and brush your screens with a soft brush.
  • We then inspect and clean the screen frames.
  • Using a soft strip washer and a proprietary solution we thoroughly wet down all surfaces in preparation for the outside window cleaning.
  • If needed, we use a razor scraper to remove things like bugs, sap, light paint, etc.
  • Next we again wet your window and squeegee them off. This basically amounts to a considerable amount of time doing your window cleaning twice, not a quick once over as other companies might.
  • We can now determine the extent of any mineral buildup, or pitting & etching. More importantly, if the window won’t come clean, we want to know why & the most cost effective way to minimize any damage.
  • Another added feature in your window cleaning, is that we detail your window panes where minute water droplets might collect using high quality micro-fiber towels.
  • When finished, we examine your windows in detail looking through the glass searching for any outside smudges we may have missed. This is why it is important to have both the inside and outside window cleaning done on our first visit.

At Sparkle Plenty we pride ourselves on our product knowledge and perfectionism. Thank you for making us your window cleaning & maintenance company. Our goal is to provide a window cleaning and maintenance service you'll be happy with – one where you'll tell all your friends and neighbors. Word of mouth referrals are the best advertising.