Professionally cleaned kitchen windows



Thank you for allowing Sparkle Plenty Window Cleaning & Window Maintenance Service the opportunity to present our services to you. When first starting our window cleaning business, much time was spent on one question. Do we concentrate on an economy, quick, in-and-out window cleaning job, or a full service window cleaning job, coupled with a cost effective quality maintenance service? We are residential specialists, offering our clients top quality work. We are looking to create lifelong business relationships with you, our customer.

We are fastidious in caring for your home. We move very carefully inside, even wearing special inside shoes that have light colored rubber soles. A small bucket is carried on our belt to hold damp tools thus avoiding drips in your home. We also have clean drop cloths. The name of our game is CARE.

Sparkle Plenty Window Cleaning is a member of the following groups and has participated in local fund raising projects for the community.

  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Safety Harbor Boat Club
  • Dunedin Boat Club
  • local networking groups

Window washing associations from around the world have led to our expertise and innovative techniques